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October 2nd, 2008 | Posted by Evan


In the heart of DC’s Adam’s Morgan, known for it’s diversity, slews of bars, and giant slices of pizza, the DC Songwriter’s Circle has been reborn.  It was a project from years back whose ideology is taking members of bands and making them play their songs accoustic, alone, without their accompanyments.  This turns the focus of a song to its core, it’s foundation. Music and lyrics.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to take part in the first run of its rebirth and got to play 4 songs along with three others.  The atmosphere was awesome, like a small old movie theatre, and the crowd was unlike any other, quiet and attentive, opposed to the drunken rowdiness I’ve become accustomed to.  Not to say I like either one better, but a different pace is always a door I’m willing to walk through. I opened with “Kings” then played “Nassau”, we had a set break, I had a Sierra Nevada Pale, then I played “Two Points of You” and ended the night with “Southern Gentleman”. Many thanks to Bill McKenna for all his work gathering musicians and promoting the events (every month on the 2nd Sunday – google DC Songwriter’s Circle) and Frank Marchand for recording the music, not to forget the countless souls that ventured out to hear some origional music.  Cover bands, except good fun ’80s cover bands suck. Enjoy the link.

Next up – EBTW at Clarendon Day in Virginia.

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