Updates – at last…

June 18th, 2009 | Posted by Evan

So we’ve been out of touch. Like bad cousins or real dads. Excuses don’t mean much but here they are.

We’ve been burying ourselves into our 2nd album/record/cd/mp4collection, working ceaselessly day and night. We’ve cut back on shows as a result, and we’re all really aching to get back out on the road and to play live, but first things first. I’m working with a producer for the first time, a new challenge and a new voice to the music, not literally, new ideas and opinions. I feel almost bad for him as I am a huge pain in the ass to work with, but he’s signed up for it. The plan as of now is to record in the end of july in los angeles, subject to change, and we’re looking for a september release. After that, more shows, more updates, more photos, more everything.

Thanks for staying up to date, even though we haven’t really made it a challenge, but good things are on the way.


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So I am from Richmond and a longtime Lowlife Fan, and haven’t had a chance to see the Welchers play yet (though I do have the album). Anyhow, I am going to the Dogfish Head in Falls Church on August 8th, and they don’t have anything listed yet for that date. How about you guys work it out and play that night so my girl and I can see you play!! I know you know people!!!

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