WE’VE GOT FREEBIES!!!  Go to thewelchers.com/free to learn how you can download tracks from our recent gig at Puck Live in Doylestown, PA, bonus tracks from our debut album, and other goodies.


Evan was recently interviewed by the Landon News, the newspaper of his alma mater, the Landon School. Check out the interview here:

Landon News Sits Down With Budding Local Artist, Evan Bliss ’96

Check out an interview that Evan gave to the Arlington Connection, prior to our August 22, 2008 gig at IOTA Club & Cafe:

Blissful Music Heard at IOTA

Read a recent interview of Evan by Welchers fan and fellow musician Jesse Reaves for his local newspaper, the Salisbury Post (North Carolina).  Check out the interview by clicking on the link below:

Reaves Column: An Interview with Evan Bliss of The Welchers

And for those of you who haven’t seen this already, check out Reef’s commercial for the Machado Classic Sandal, sponsored by professional surfer Rob Machado and featuring our song F’N A’Hole:

Reef Commercial for Machado Classic Sandal (featuring F’N A’Hole)